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We Slay Psoriasis!

Treating Psoriasis New Braunfels, TX

Psoriasis is skin disease that can vary dramatically in its severity from one patient to the next. For one patient, the affected area may be just a small annoying patch of red crusty skin on an elbow. For another patient, the psoriasis patches can cover the entire chest and back and the disease can significantly influence that way that person feels about his or her body. Sometimes these skin changes are associated with severe joint pain that can be debilitating and this can even get bad enough to prevent the patient from keeping a job.

This morning, I had a psoriasis patient come in for a follow up appointment and he gave us permission to share his before and after photos. The improvement you see here is the result of a medication in a class of drug that we refer to as “the biologics.” This class includes things like humira, enbrel, cimzia, cosentyx, taltz, stelara, ilumya, tremfya, skyrizi, etc. We have seen each one of these drugs work wonders. It is extremely satisfying to see a patient’s skin disease clear up like this. It’s one of the things we love about being dermatologists.