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Watch Us Magically Erase Unwanted Blood Vessels With Our LASER

Hi Everyone! This is Dr. Stahr. Elect Dermatology recently purchased a new laser and we are starting to use it for things like destroying unwanted blood vessels on the face. Here is a neat 1 minute video of Dr. Stahr using this laser to selectively get rid of blood vessels without damaging the surrounding skin.

For those of you who like science, this laser has a wavelength of 532 nm and it is visibly green. The hemoglobin in the blood vessels selectively absorbs a great deal more of the energy delivered by the light than the surrounding skin.

This is why the 532 nm laser is great for destroying blood vessels and not hurting anything else. It also has a relatively short wavelength that causes it to not penetrate very deeply into the skin; it can’t really damage any deep structures.

If you have some similar blood vessels you would also like to erase, contact us to schedule an appointment today! Remember, when you make an appointment with us, you will be seen by a board certified, dermatology residency trained, M.D. dermatologist. There is no one more qualified to work on your skin.