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Texans, Tint Your Car Windows!

Sun Exposure Skin Treatment New Braunfels, TX

The photo you see here was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2012 in an article titled “Unilateral Dermatoheliosis.” This man was a truck driver; he worked for 28 years with the left side of his face constantly exposed to sun through the truck window while the right side of his face was in the shade. These skin findings don’t necessarily mean he had a sun burn for 28 years. In fact, he may have just had the window up letting in the frequencies of light that doesn’t cause burns and instead just slowly age your skin by damaging the collagen in the dermis.

I’m posting this photo because it illustrates, in dramatic fashion, the real life consequences of sun exposure and the damage that a person can prevent by taking simple sun protective measures. If you haven’t tinted your driver’s side auto window with a film that blocks as much UV radiation as possible, I hope this post motivates you to do so. An even better habit to adopt would be to wear zinc oxide sunscreen every day because that works even when you aren’t in your car.

Want to see the full article? Click the following link:


Want to see some places in our city that sell window tint? Below are a few New Braunfels businesses. Shop around. Go for quality first. You want something that will last and block as much UV radiation as possible.