When is the Best Treatment No Treatment?

Once in a while we have a patient come in with a dramatic appearing skin eruption and the patient is very worried. Sometimes the patient will think he or she has some horrible infectious process and that he or she is contagious. Other times the patient be acutely concerned that death is imminent. Sometimes the skin problem REALLY is a manifestation of a serious underlying process and we have to decipher exactly what that problem is and how to fix it.

Other times, the appearance can be deceiving. The above picture for example is of a patient with a disease process called "leukocytoclastic vasculitis" which developed after ingestion of a medication. The patient stopped the medication and came to see us. Stopping the medication was really the only thing needed for this case. All he had to do was wait and it started going away. 12 days later we can see in the below picture it is very significantly improved.

Our patient gave us permission to share these photos with you all. The message here is that the best intervention is not always a therapy or a drug or even coconut oil or apple cider vinegar. Sometimes all you need to do is stop taking medication and wait.

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