What Should You Know About Jeuveau?

Everybody has heard the word "Botox". Some people have heard the word "Xeomin". Right now, almost no one has heard the word "Jeuveau". Why should you care?

Well, all of these products are neuromodulators that can cause prolonged relaxation of the muscles of facial expression and they can give you a more well rested, less stressed-out, less wrinkly face. If you have bad crow's feet, we can fix them with one of these. Got a wrinkly and old looking forehead? We got that covered too. Jeuveau is a brand-new-to-the-market product which we literally first received yesterday 6/20/19. Since it is so new,we haven't used it once.....but that will soon change.

Jeuveau is making a bit of a buzz in the dermatology community right now. Some physicians are stating that it works more quickly than anything else on the market. Some are saying it is identical to the Botox brand clinically. Some doctors are saying they think it lasts longer than the other products on the market. Everyone else is just curious and would like to put it to the test (including us). Time and experience will soon tell us how it stacks up.

Well, we have it now and we can offer it. Dr. Stahr is probably going to try it on himself because, why not? He has tried them all and would like to see how they compare. If you would like to try it too, give us a call.

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