What Does it Look Like When a Birth Control Implant is Removed?

Dr. Hockley and Dr. Stahr have both removed a wide variety of interesting objects from the skin of patients. Dr. Hockley has removed BB's, real bullets, and lots of shrapnel (he was in the military). Dr. Stahr has taken out broken glass, a very large cactus thorn, and some non dissolving problematic extruding deep silk sutures from a face lift.

It is fun taking stuff out. Patients like the outcomes and doing so is like opening a Easter egg; sometimes you don't know what you are going to find.

Here is a video of the removal of a Nexplanon birth control device which had been implanted into this woman's arm. She said she couldn't tolerate the side effects and she wanted it out. She also kindly granted us permission to record and share the video footage of its removal. Neat-o!

Now you know what these little devices look like and how they are removed. Perhaps the take away message here is that you should be sure you discuss all birth control options with your physician before making a final decision and consider side effects of each method.

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