We Vanquish (Spider) Veins!

Hello! This is Dr. Stahr. I recently obtained permission from one of my patients to show some before and after sclerotherapy pictures. As you may know, sclerotherapy is a procedure we offer at Elect Dermatology that uses a chemical to inject and destroy spider veins in the legs. A small amount of chemical is injected into the vessels to eliminate the vessels completely.

Here are some larger photos you can examine if you like. You can see that the large, densely tangled collection of vessels on the lateral side of the knee have been almost completely eliminated with this simple technique.

If you are interested in getting rid of any of these blood vessels yourself, give us a call at 833-353-2875!

Remember, when you make an appointment with us, you will be seen by a board certified, dermatology residency trained, M.D. dermatologist. There is no one more qualified to treat skin disease.

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