We perform sclerotherapy merrily, carefully, with celerity, and dexterity.

You have likely never even heard the word "sclerotherapy." This means you should watch our interesting little video and learn something cool. Dr. Hockley and Dr. Stahr have been offering sclerotherapy to correct unsightly spider veins for years and both have become extremely effective at this skill dependent medical treatment. You can see these undesirable little spider veins DISAPPEAR BEFORE YOU EYES as a chemical is injected into these small blood vessels to make the blood vessel walls stick together....... permanently most of the time. We love performing this treatment and now is an excellent opportunity to schedule an appointment before swim suit season starts.

Let us give you WOW legs! No one is more qualified than a board certified residency trained dermatologist who performs this procedure frequently. We love performing sclerotherapy and we are great at making your legs into WOW legs!

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