The Cyst that Tried to Persist (and FAILED)

An epidermal inclusion cyst is an extremely common skin concern that we see literally see several times per day here at Elect Dermatology. To use medical jargon, these cysts are filled with "laminated keratin" and they are lined by "stratified squamous epithelium". In layman's terms, one might say these are a pocket of dead skin cells that have accumulated deep into the skin instead of being shed into the environment.

One of our patients recently gave us permission to video record the cyst removal and share the footage. In this short video, you can see the removal of a chicken egg sized cyst which had an unexpected deeper component to the cyst wall. You also get a view of the cyst contents on the mayo stand and a quick look at the follow up.

This procedure is pretty standard. The scar length is typically the length of the cyst. Smaller cysts, therefore, leave smaller scars. If you are getting a cyst removed yourself, you can expect something similar.

We recommend that you do not think of this video next time you eat hard boiled eggs.

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