Our new super fast and focused cold air blowing device means we are now offering chemical peels.

Hello! This is Dr. Stahr and I am posting to let you know that we just received our new Zimmer chiller. This medical device is quite straightforward: it blows fast, focused, very cold air. While there are many medical uses for such a device, we will likely be most frequently using it for chemical peels. With the Zimmer, we be able to take away the discomfort of the peels by numbing and cooling the skin. You may be aware that chemical peels are impressively versatile in that they are capable of correcting signficant pre-cancerous sun damage and of making your face look younger, more toned, less wrinkled and more evenly pigmented. Peels can really give patients awesome outcomes. We are excited to start offering them here at Elect Dermatology.

Keep an eye out for more posts on peels in the future!

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