Slowly but surely, Elect Dermatology is coming together

Hello! Thank you for visiting the Elect Dermatology Blog! We are going to use this portion of our site to update our patients on the progress. Once we are up and running we will update this blog with any practice relevant information.

This is our first blog post so we will keep it short. Everything is going well. We are in the process of getting the space built out and everything seems to be on track to starting in November. Dr. Hockley and Dr. Stahr are working hard to get the office stocked. Dr. Stahr is getting all the details ironed out for moving to New Braunfels from San Antonio. (He is looking forward to riding his bike to work!) The doctors are getting ready to start interviewing future staff. Its a complex task launching a business, but your doctors are excited and more than eager to take on this job.

Be sure to email us in the contact section of our site if you have any questions or concerns.  


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