Earlobe repair: because earlobe slits are not presently fashionable

Dr. Stahr actually enjoys doing tiny little surgeries and using sutures smaller than human hairs to sew up those tiny little surgery sites. Recently, one of our patients graciously allowed us to post some before and after photos of her earlobe repair. Now you can get an idea of what is possible if you have a torn earlobe. Dr. Stahr even repairs those giant gaping holes left from guage pierings. Eventually, we will probably have a patient at Elect that wants those repaired and (if he or she is ok with it) we may be able to show you how those look too.

The photo you see is a before and after separated by about 2 weeks. We worked only on the site circled in the photo and we were able to capture the after picture during suture repair. If the patient chooses to have the ear re-pierced, we will do that too. I recommend waiting maybe a couple of months and never using heavy earrings at that site.

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